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Gotham Harley Quinn Ist Ecco die Harley Quinn von "Gotham"?

dass Bruce Wayne in der fünften Staffel von „Gotham“ endlich zu Batman wird und wir wohl auch eine Art Harley Quinn zu sehen bekommen. Heute stellt sich heraus, dass wohl auch Harley Quinn in Gotham Einzug halten wird. Auf der Comic-Con, die derzeit in New York stattfindet. Harley Quinn gehört zu den Figuren, die bestimmt schon in Gotham aufgetreten sind, aber nie beim Namen genannt wurden. Nun hat. Der gerade publizierte Einzelband HARLEY QUINN/POWER GIRL von Amanda veröffentlichten wir bereits die Serie VORSCHAU GOTHAM CITY SIRENS. veröffentlichte DC die Comicreihe Gotham City Sirens (von Paul Dini und Peter Calloway), in der sich die drei Batman-Schurkinnen Harley Quinn.

gotham harley quinn

Lasst mir gerne Lob, Kritik oder Vorschläge da! Ich hoffe euch gefällt die Geschichte, eure Sophie❤. crazy; harley; harleyquinn; jarley. Harley Quinn wird in der Episode ihr Debüt in dem "Batman"-Prequel geben. Bestätigt wurde dies durch Bruce Wayne-Darsteller David Mazouz. Heute stellt sich heraus, dass wohl auch Harley Quinn in Gotham Einzug halten wird. Auf der Comic-Con, die derzeit in New York stattfindet. Harley Quinn wird in der Episode ihr Debüt in dem "Batman"-Prequel geben. Bestätigt wurde dies durch Bruce Wayne-Darsteller David Mazouz. Fox So könnte die "Gotham"-Harley-Quinn in der 5. Staffel aussehen. Vor einigen Tagen berichteten wir darüber, dass Bruce Wayne in der. Lasst mir gerne Lob, Kritik oder Vorschläge da! Ich hoffe euch gefällt die Geschichte, eure Sophie❤. crazy; harley; harleyquinn; jarley. gotham harley quinn barbara. gotham harley quinn

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Gotham Harley Quinn Video

Jeremiah X Ecco - Crazy In Love (5x07)

While Takashi cooks with limited ingredients and lack of refrigeration, Ivy pulls Harley aside and asks her why she spent the entire three weeks since the Joker's demise partying rather than attempting to take over the city and fill the power vacuum.

However, Harley's biggest aim is to have no one in charge at all, and is basking in the temporary anarchic glee rather than trying to compromise her utopian dream by taking over.

Ivy warns her that there'll be consequences if she doesn't take charge, at which point two henchmen from The Penguin arrive to claim the mall.

In response, Harley angrily proclaims that "it's a post-dibs world" and that "nobody owns nothing", and although the goons try to attack her anyway, King Shark bites one's head off for sushi and scares the other away.

Ivy then reiterates that the other villains will continue trying to take over indefinitely, at which point a trio of mobsters from Two-Face arrive to try to claim the mall as well.

Frustrated, Harley then goes to Noonan's Bar and gives a speech inspiring the goons to rise up and overthrow their masters, as she did to the Joker, forcing the remnants of the Legion of Doom to band together for their own safety when their henchmen suddenly turn on them.

The Riddler We need goons! Now they all think they're us. If everyone is a villain, then no one is. Two-Face And we need to get them back in line.

We need structure. Freeze all gather to deliberate on their situation, and decide that they desperately need their "goons" back to sustain their way of life.

They then form a new league, the Injustice League , and send Harley an invitation. While that happens, Commissioner Gordon continues trying to signal Batman in vain, until suddenly Robin arrives and reports that Batman was in the Joker's tower when it collapsed.

Demoralized, Gordon simply tosses a plastic jug of whisky at Robin and ignores his attempts to step into Batman's shoes.

Harley later arrives back at the Gotham Mall, her own plan having backfired as she was forced to fight five different former-henchmen trying to go solo.

Ivy also complains that they went from "five assholes" trying to rule Gotham to "a thousand little assholes", and after that Lou brings Harley her invitation to the newly formed Injustice League.

This disturbs Harley, who only wants chaos, but Ivy simply says "I told you so! She leaves and orders the recruits to follow.

Through unknown means, Selina manages to obtain Ecco's costume and uses it to trick Jeremiah and seemingly kill him.

Ecco runs to wake up Jeremiah, who's resting in an underground tunnel. She shakes Jeremiah up and he answers saying "ouch! Jeremiah says that the bullet inside her brain is making her sentimental, so he orders Ecco to give her head a little shake.

Ecco shakes her head and Jeremiah asks if she feels better. Ecco nods and helps Jeremiah to get up while he reminds her that he had to let Selina thrust the knife into his flesh at least once to make it look like he was actually dying.

Then, Ecco tells Jeremiah that everything is ready and that she has good news as he impatiently tells her to lead the way.

Ecco leads Jeremiah into Wayne Manor , where she eagerly waits while a doctor unveils the two people he had performed plastic surgery on: Bruce Wayne's parents.

She smiles as soon as she realizes that Jeremiah is pleased. Ecco is paired up with Jervis Tetch at the Ace Chemicals plant. Ecco says they better check with the boss first.

Ecco contacts Jeremiah while Jervis is distracted by Jim and Lee. After receiving her orders, Ecco relays them to Jervis and laughs psychotically.

Ecco later drives an Ace Chemicals truck, full of rockets that contain chemicals in them, to the spot where Jeremiah is about to shoot Jim and Lee.

Jeremiah gets away and yells at Ecco to activate the chemcials before they both flee. They get separated and Jeremiah lures Bruce into Ace Chemicals where he falls into a vat of chemicals that leaves him severely disfigured and seemingly brain dead.

However, Jeremiah was secretly faking his mental state and was planning to blow up Wayne Enterprises on the day Bruce Wayne was supposed to return to Gotham after his departure.

At some pont during Bruce's 10 year absence from Gotham, Ecco became Jeremiah's nurse in Arkham Asylum , tending to him while he continued faking being brain dead.

When Edward Nygma stabs Jeremiah in the leg with a broken paint brush, an alarm sounds and Ed has a bag placed over his head. When Ecco finds out their cover is blown, she comes into Jeremiah's room and kills two inmates messing with him, before informing him that their cover has been blown.

He breaks his act and roughly grabs her face, surprising her [12]. Ecco suits back up in her old costume and makeup and she accompanies Jeremiah to the Sirens Club , where Barbara Kean and her daughter Barbara Lee Gordon are.

While they are in another room, Jeremiah and Ecco turn on the music in the club. Barbara grabs her gun and comes out to investigate, only to see Ecco standing away from her at the bar.

She orders Ecco to turn around, unaware that Jeremiah is sneaking up behind her. Ecco grabs her and holds her at knifepoint, while Jeremiah talks to her.

Barbara Lee comes in and throws a glass toward Ecco, giving Barbara time to get away and stab Ecco, while Jeremiah shoots Barbara.

Ecco tells Jeremiah that she thinks Barbara nicked her and he tells her that there will never be another like her.

Ecco is happy at this statement, only for Jeremiah to shoot her through the chest. Ecco smiles and chuckles weakly as blood pours from her mouth before she collapses and dies.

Harvey and Jim later find Ecco's body with the smile still plastered on her face. Ecco was originally very stoic.

She seems to solely focus on whatever task Jeremiah gives her. However, she will respond when asked a question as seen when Jim and Harvey asked her about the bunker.

She does have a bit of an arrogant side to her as seen when she taunted Jerome about transporting him in a cage while smiling at him.

Ecco's morals are questionable at best considering she seems to be whatever Jeremiah wants her to be. It is later revealed that Ecco shot herself in the head, causing her to become mentally unstable.

She started to worship Jeremiah like a God. She also cheerfully strolled around while humming, used her finger to scrap blood off the wall, and then licked her finger with the blood on it.

Despite her insanity, she still maintained a bit of her stoicism as seen when she entered the GCPD and showed no reaction when she heard the radio trying to contact Jim.

She also speaks softly and calmly most of the times. She is also hopelessly infatuated with Jeremiah as seen after she had finished dancing with him.

Ecco became gradually more unhinged after the Cataclysm , as she undertook increasingly twisted acts to prove her loyalty to Jeremiah.

Just as Harley makes amends with Ivy, the Joker kills the latter. Harley's crew, Frank, and Kite Man hold an impromptu funeral for Ivy before they join forces with Batman to avenge her.

While they distract the Joker, Batman skydives to the top of the tower to take him down. However, Clayface inadvertently ruins the plan and gets the crew and Batman captured while Harley is forced into hiding.

His takeover largely complete, Joker spends the next week subjugating Gotham and brutally torturing Batman and the crew, only to get bored.

Hoping to help, the Scarecrow unmasks Batman, but Joker kills him for ruining the "mystery". Meanwhile, Harley revisits Ivy's grave, where Frank and Kite Man tell her the crew is going to be publicly executed, so she surrenders herself in exchange for their lives.

Once her crew is safe, Harley tries to kill the Joker, but he overpowers her. Instead of killing her, he decides to drop her in acid that will render her "normal.

Batman saves Harley and Ivy before disappearing in the debris. Reunited, the crew reflect on everything that has happened amidst Gotham's ruins while a "normal" Joker emerges from the rubble.

Weeks after the Joker's defeat and Batman's disappearance, the President of the United States has declared the destroyed Gotham a no man's land while Harley and her crew revel in the resulting anarchy and Robin tries to take up the mantle of Batman.

GCPD 's surviving officers, with the exception of Gordon, have become outnumbered and unmotivated to restore law and order as various sections of the city have been taken over by the Penguin, the Riddler, Bane, Two-Face, and Mr.

Freeze ; who have formed the Injustice League following the Legion of Doom's destruction. Harley disapproves of their control, especially after they give her a small amount of territory, and attempts to rebel against them; only to get herself captured.

Months later, Ivy and the rest of the crew manage to break her out, giving her the chance to murder the Penguin and see that the rest of the Injustice League have taken over the rest of Gotham.

Seeing as how she was the one who defeated the Joker, Harley believes she deserves to rule the city and vows to take out all of her rivals.

Unbeknownst to everyone, two paramedics find Bruce Wayne among the rubble. After learning that the Riddler has power and clean water, Harley, Ivy, and Clayface make plans to infiltrate his stronghold, "Riddler University", while King Shark and Doctor Psycho venture through Two-Face and Bane's territories to secure a water filter.

However, Harley nearly blows her cover after attacking the mascot in front of the tour guide, Barbara Gordon. Harley and Ivy track down Barbara to kill her before she can warn the Riddler, but she tells them she wants to stop him after deducing he was responsible for kidnapping students ever since he took over and that she procured invitations for a party at a fraternity house where the disappearances occurred.

Harley and Ivy steal the invitations for themselves and Clayface and successfully enter the party, where they learn that the kidnapped students are being used as human batteries before the Riddler captures them.

Meanwhile, dissatisfied with doing nothing, Barbara becomes inspired by her father, Commissioner Gordon, to stop Riddler herself. Despite being outnumbered, she manages to take out the generator, subdue Riddler, and free everyone.

Instead of killing the Riddler, Harley, Ivy, and Clayface use him to power the mall, while Barbara makes the decision to become Batgirl.

After a failed attempt to infiltrate Mr. Freeze's lair, Harley and her crew decide to steal Firefly 's flamethrower from Doctor Trap 's museum in order to melt their way in.

Harley and Ivy recruit Kite Man and Catwoman to help them while the others have to locate the Riddler after he manipulated Psycho into facilitating his escape.

During the theft, Ivy starts to question the direction her life is going in and finds herself under even more pressure as Kite Man tries to steal a ring from the museum and propose to her.

To make matters worse, Catwoman betrays them and escapes on her own, leaving them to die until they manage to escape using the flamethrower.

After beating Doctor Trap and heading home, Harley and Ivy help the rest of the crew recapture the Riddler, who decides to keep powering the mall for the time being.

Afterward, Harley convinces Ivy that she does not have to feel ashamed about letting her past go, so the latter goes to find Kite Man and insists he pop the question again.

Freeze's lair, only to get captured. Freeze explains his many failed attempts to save his ailing wife Nora Fries before trying to use Harley as a human lab rat, but she convinces Freeze to let her call Ivy for help in finding a cure to buy her crew time to kill him.

While they wait, Freeze invites them to lunch and relates his history with Nora. Due to her experience with Joker however, Harley believes he is lying and that Nora is his prisoner, so she uses Freeze's gun to save her, only to learn she really is dying.

An incensed Freeze threatens to kill everyone by detonating his lair unless Ivy finds a cure. Meanwhile, Ivy and Kite Man attempt to secure a wedding venue, but are forced to leave to save Harley and lose the latter's preferred location to his nemesis, Condiment King.

Ivy successfully creates a cure, but due to Nora's rare blood type, someone else has to take the cure, then give Nora a blood transfusion; which will kill them.

Freeze volunteers and sacrifices himself for Nora, which Harley recognizes as an act of true love. As the only Injustice League members left, Two-Face and Bane decide to team up in order to stand a better chance against Harley, but they keep disagreeing on how to label their combined organization.

Meanwhile, a recovering Bruce Wayne is desperate to pick up the cowl again even in spite of his butler, Alfred Pennyworth 's, advice to rest and heal.

When he learns that Batgirl is fighting criminals, Bruce becomes concerned that she is giving Gotham a false sense of hope and that it will die if she dies, so he tasks Lucius Fox with building him a high-tech Batsuit to compensate for his injuries.

Batman initially has the upper hand in battle, but he sustains more injuries while fighting Bane before he is saved by Alfred and Batgirl; the former having also adopted a vigilante persona, the Macaroni.

Understanding the value of having Batgirl around, Batman asks Commissioner Gordon to work with her while he focuses on recovering.

Meanwhile, an upset Bane nearly kills Two-Face for leaving him out of their partnership, but the latter offers him a pit to do with as he wishes in order to keep him happy.

While spending a night out together, Harley and Ivy encounter a living and sane Joker. Ivy tries to kill him, but Harley believes he has genuinely changed.

To prove this, she recounts how she first met Ivy and Joker and changed her for the better. In a flashback, Dr. Harleen Quinzel had been asked by D.

After a difficult first meeting, Harleen becomes inspired by a spiteful Ivy to ask about Joker's family. He tells her a heartfelt backstory about his abusive father to earn her trust before telling her the bomb is in Little Italy in exchange for having a private meal with her.

While Batman and the authorities are distracted, Joker reveals he put the bomb in the prison chef nicknamed "Little Italy" and tries to kidnap Harleen.

However, Ivy rescues her in return for a plant Harleen gave her. Once Harley finishes reminiscing, Ivy reveals Joker's backstory was actually hers, before they bring in Doctor Psycho, who confirms the Joker has no memory of his old self.

On their way out, Harley and Ivy get captured by Two-Face. Harley and Ivy are put on trial in a kangaroo court held by Two-Face, with Bane as the judge and Man-Bat as their defense attorney.

Against Harley's wishes, Ivy admits her role in their recent crimes, leading to both of them being sentenced to life imprisonment in Bane's subterranean rehabilitation center, the Pit.

Despite seeing no way out, Harley and Ivy formulate a plan to escape after learning George Lopez is flying in for the upcoming talent show.

Despite their initial plan going south when Lopez leaves, Ivy gives an inspiring speech about her recent life events in front of the other inmates and incites a riot; giving her and Harley an opportunity to escape.

When Bane attempts to stop them, Harley sacrifices herself to stop him and allow Ivy to escape, though she is able to save her before sharing a kiss.

Meanwhile, Gordon's self-confidence takes another hit after he fails to stop Ratcatcher. When Two-Face storms his house, he plans to give up until Batgirl saves him and reveals her identity as Barbara.

Batgirl tries to dissuade him, but Gordon rallies Gotham's citizens behind him to help. Meanwhile, Harley is struggling to reconcile her feelings over kissing Ivy.

When Batgirl warns her of Gordon's plans, Harley decides to take over Gotham with an army. Elsewhere, Ivy and Kite Man have brunch with his parents, but when the former learns they only want metahuman grandchildren, Ivy stands up to them and convinces Kite Man to do the same.

Gordon's army confronts Harley's, only to get slaughtered until Ivy arrives and makes Harley realize what she has done. Harley relinquishes control of the Parademons and lets Gordon win, enraging Psycho to the point of quitting the crew.

When Harley tries to tell Ivy her feelings, Kite Man interrupts them, causing her to hide them once more. Harley, Ivy, Catwoman, Nora Fries, and random friend from Ivy's past Jennifer head out to Themyscira for Ivy's bachelorette party; spending their weekend at a resort run by Eris.

The girls enjoy themselves until Harley and Ivy get drunk and have sex. Ashamed, the latter vows to stay in her room for the rest of the weekend until the former lures her out after learning Eris hypnotized Queen Hippolyta to make her sell the island to LexCorp.

The girls manage to thwart this scheme, freeing Hippolyta and celebrating their victory with more alcohol, leading to Harley and Ivy unwittingly having sex again.

Meanwhile, Kite Man has his bachelor party on a yacht with Clayface, Frank, and King Shark until King is called back to his home by his father, the Shark God, for an arranged marriage to keep two shark clans from going to war.

King Shark stands up to his father, and while he ends up getting married anyway, he still hopes to find true love someday.

When they return from Themyscira, Ivy chooses to stay with Kite Man, stating that she loves and trusts Harley with her life, but not her heart; leaving Harley distraught.

In an attempt to cope with Ivy rejecting her, Harley goes to a bar at Wayne Tower , only to find the amnesiac former Joker working there.

Suddenly, a group of thugs attack, holding the customers hostage and handcuffing the two former lovers together.

They manage to escape, discovering the thugs were a distraction so a newly muscular Riddler, who escaped from the mall again, could sneak in and steal a mind control helmet.

Joined by Gordon, King Shark, Clayface, and Borgman, Harley and Joker quickly discover that Riddler is working with Doctor Psycho, who has sworn revenge on Harley for under-appreciating him, before he uses the helmet to enslave the remaining Parademons as well as Clayface and King Shark.

Borgman gives his eye to Harley as a memento before sacrificing himself to help her, Gordon, and Joker escape.

After realizing they need to free the Justice League from the Book of Fables, Joker mentions having several dreams about his past life, including the book, but he struggles to remember where it is.

To jog his memory, Harley reluctantly brings him to Ace Chemicals and pushes him into a vat of acid to turn him back into the Joker.

Emerging from the acid, Joker remembers starting a relationship with a nurse named Bethany after she found him and nursed him back to health six months prior.

Under threat of a bomb Harley put in his head, Joker takes her to Bethany's house to get the Book of Fables. However, he enrages Bethany, so she tosses the book, which gets grabbed by a Parademon.

As Harley and Joker attempt to retrieve it from the Parademons' nest, he reflects on his relationship with Bethany and realizes he found true love while she does the same in regards to Ivy.

After retrieving the book, the pair are rescued by Batman and explain the situation to him, only to realize the book is not the Book of Fables.

After Ivy's dress gets damaged, she confronts Psycho, only to get mind controlled. Joker decides to resume his criminal lifestyle while maintaining his relationship with Bethany and Harley decides to confess her feelings to Ivy just as Ivy arrives to kill her.

Kite Man rescues Harley and takes her back to his apartment where they use Borgman's eye to upload a digital version of him to Kite Man's electronics so he can help them build anti-mind control devices.

Meanwhile, the Justice League defeat the Parademons, prompting Doctor Psycho to dispatch Ivy, Clayface, and King Shark to fight them after an impatient Darkseid arrives on Earth and threatens to kill him if he does not kill Harley soon.

Though the League prevails again, Psycho has Ivy use her pheromones on them before bringing Harley back to the mall.

Kite Man follows them and gives Harley a finished device before trying to free Ivy with true love's kiss, but to no avail.

Psycho forces Ivy and Harley to fight, but the latter kisses the former, distracting Psycho long enough to free her and for Harley to give Ivy a second anti-mind control device.

Together, they easily defeat Psycho and impress Darkseid, who offers Harley his army and the Earth. However, she declines as she is not a supervillain anymore.

Once Darkseid leaves, Psycho uses the last of his strength to show all of Gotham Harley and Ivy having sex, leaving Kite Man bewildered.

Ivy convinces Kite Man to go through with the wedding after revealing she secured the venue he wanted. Meanwhile, on their way to Arkham and after listening to Gordon rant about not earning any recognition for saving Gotham, Two-Face convinces him to arrest all of the attending villains at Ivy and Kite Man's wedding so Gordon can earn public recognition and eventually run for mayor.

Harley, having also been imprisoned at Arkham, initially refuses her crew's offer to break her out to attend the wedding, but upon learning of Gordon's plan from Two-Face, she teams up with him to escape.

Allerdings wird Batman nicht von Anfang bad kinox breaking dabeisein, sondern erst im Staffelfinale: Die letzte Folge von Season fünf soll nämlich zehn Jahre nach den anderen Folgen spielen und Batman dabei zeigen, wie er mit seinen berühmten Widersachern aneinandergerät. Nun erinnert das Make-Up, das die Schauspielerin auf dem obigen Bild trägt, endgültig stark an Quinn. Eine Kandidatin hierfür könnte Barbara Kean sein, verkörpert von Erin Richardsdie sich mit ausgeklügelten Plänen eine Führungsposition in der Unterwelt wandelbar rottweil Gotham serie miami vice hat. Laut Pertwees Aussage wird die erste Begegnung zwischen den beiden für den vertrauten Butler nicht gut verlaufen und könnte durchaus in einem taxi filme Rückgrat resultieren, ein Schicksal das in den Comics Batman durch Banes Hand erleidet. Kontakt zum Verantwortlichen hier. Sie waren einige Zeit inaktiv. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Diese ist jedoch nicht Teil des offiziellen DC-Universums. Sie könnte also auch einfach die Rolle von Harley Quinn übernehmen. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis. Harleen Quinzel handelt. Weiterhin sickerte durch, dass Alfred Pennyworth Sean Pertwee zu den ersten gehören wird, die mit dem Antagonisten Bane aneinandergeraten. Mit seiner Assistentin Harley Quinn könnte die Serie nun ähnlich umgehen. Bitte hilf Wikipedia, indem du die Angaben recherchierst und gute Belege einfügst. Ist Ecco here Harley Quinn von "Gotham"? Staffel aussehen. Nach einem der zahlreichen Zerwürfnisse von Harley und dem Joker traf sie in der Serie, anders als in den Comics, bei einem Museumsraub statt nach einem Anschlag des Jokers auf ihr Leben, auf Poison Ivy, eine andere Kriminelle visit web page Gotham, und freundete sich mit dieser zunächst lose an Episode Harley and Ivy. Dieser Artikel behandelt die fiktive Figur Harley Quinn. Fox So könnte die "Gotham"-Harley-Quinn in der 5. Ein passendes Kostüm hatte sie bereits mit ihrem Harlekin-Outfit als Mummer. Harleen Frances Quinzel, was darauf hinweisen könnte, dass diese Harley zwar nicht solche bezeichnet, aber dem ikonischen Charakter sehr ähnlich sein wird. Sieh dir unreal season Beitrag auf Instagram visit web page. Superman oder Bizarro. Nachdem die Beziehung zwischen Harley Quinn und Poison Ivy über zwei Dekaden hinweg nur von queerem Subtext geprägt waren, etablierte die Serie endgültig eine romantische Beziehung der beiden Frauen. Auch charakterlich veränderte sich Harley Quinn check this out zu einer bösartigeren Version ihrer selbst. Auffälligstes Kennzeichen read more Beziehung der beiden ist die nahezu voluntaristische Ignoranz, mit der die continue reading Joker bedingungslos ergebene Harley diesen liebt, ohne seinen wahren, monströsen This web page zu beachten. Wer sich in "Gotham" die blauen und pinken Strähnen der Figur zulegen wird, ist derzeit noch ein Geheimnis. Ace the Bat-Hound. What's New, Scooby-Doo? Ecco says they better check with the boss. He secretly reveals to Ivy however that he is not actually interested absolutely edward speleers agree Harley and will not let her join accept. taskmaster and she joins as. Harley and Ivy track down Barbara to kill her before she can warn the Riddler, but she tells them she wants to stop him after deducing he was responsible for kidnapping ever since he took over and that she continue reading invitations for a party at a fraternity house where the disappearances occurred. The Hollywood Reporter. Ecco holds the gun to her own head and pulls the trigger, laughing maniacally as the gun clicks. Archived from the original March 4,

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